Our Story

An Idea

As an avid college sports fan, Terry Comer loved collecting autographed memorabilia. Like most diehards, he’d wait in long lines every summer just to secure signatures from his favorite players. So, when NIL rules passed in 2021, he began asking himself why an easier path to authentic memorabilia didn’t exist. And just like that, NIL FanBox was born.

Teamup Time

After a few months of tinkering, Terry teamed up with Khalil Thompson, a product design wiz. Together, they crafted a curated subscription service for college sports enthusiasts. The outcome? The simplest, safest and most trusted way for everyday sports fans to support their favorite College team and an ongoing mantra to share profits back to the players.

BEST Part!

With FanBox, fans everywhere are finally able to access memorabilia direct from players’ hands to their doorstep. That means 100% authenticity, every single season! The best part, you never have to stand in a long line like Terry did...EVER!


"Support your favorite team with authentic memorabilia while we share profits back with the players."


"FanBox is the ONLY University- approved, player endorsed memorabilia platform. Period!"


"The FBI cites 50% of all memorabilia is fake...so we eliminated the middle man!"