Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

What is NIL FanBox?

NIL FanBox is a seasonal subscription service curated with authentic,  limited edition memorabilia of your favorite college team and players. Fans get University-approved, player endorsed collectibles delivered right to their door every season while we share profits back to the student athletes themselves.

What does NIL Stand for?

NIL is short for Name, Image & Likeness. For the first time in history (as of July 1, 2021), student athletes are permitted to earn profits from their own celebrity endorsements. That means, players can be paid directly for their autographs!

Why did you create the Company?

We created FanBox to deliver fans an easier way to support your favorite College team through authentic player memorabilia. Given over 50% of online memorabilia is fake, we felt a more trusted process was needed to get collectibles direct from the players hands to your doorstep.

How do you ensure the authenticity of your products?

We work through designated representatives of the University on each autograph activation. This includes an exclusive partnership with a verified group licensing partner, the BrandR Group, who is contracted to process player payments and authenticate each item that is signed. As a result, we are the only University-approved memorabilia program, ensuring direct from player authenticity.

What portion of my purchase goes to student athletes?

Each year, upwards of 30% of profits from FanBox purchases go back to the players.

How are payment amounts determined for the players?

NIL FanBox does not determine a player’s compensation. That is the responsibility of our third party administrator, the BrandR Group (“TBG”).  TBG establishes a tiered system based on marketability for each player. They accomplish this by deploying a framework used within the NFL/NBA/MLB players’ association which they also manage. Once tier levels are established, FanBox submits a "signature count" i.e. 1,000 signatures per player to TBG and then pays TBG a lump sum payment. 

Do you pay the players directly?

No, we send all payments for players directly to a third party administrator, the Brandr Group (“TBG”). TBG is contracted by the University directly to ensure that all payments and tax documentation for student athletes are handled properly.  TBG is physically on site during each of our signing activations and at the end, administers all payments directly to the players SAME DAY.

Does University Compliance Approve Your NIL deals?

Yes, each University compliance department signs off on the FanBox program and oftentimes has athletic department personnel present during our signing activations with the players. To further protect the players and the University, FanBox (1) only partners with currently enrolled Student Athletes and (2) escrows funds with its third party administrator, the BrandR Group, seven (7) days BEFORE we complete a signing.

Do you work with Collectives?

Absolutely! NIL FanBox delivers Collectives a 100% turnkey memorabilia activation that includes product procurement, autograph authentication, inventory management, customer fulfilment, and more. Given a single signing can surpass 10,000 signatures, our protection-focused model frees Collectives to focus on fundraising while we handle the complexities of NIL, from group licensing to player payments.

Membership & Sales Information

What is inside the FanBox?

NIL FanBox has two plan options. The All-American FanBox comes with three (3) exclusive autographed items (each item is 1 of 750) plus a FREE officially licensed team merchandise, and FREE shipping. Alternatively, the Living Legends FanBox comes with everything in the All-American plan PLUS two (2) ULTRA-exclusive (each add’l items is 1 of 250) autographed collectibles. Both options will include exclusive fan experiences such as our FanBox Golden ticket; however, the Living Legends Fanbox is BY FAR the best value (~10% savings per collectible) and includes early access to limited edition memorabilia from all-time greats.

How much does it cost and do I pay monthly?

The All-American FanBox costs $179 per season (paid annually) while the Living Legends FanBox costs $269 per season and delivers the best value. There is not a monthly installment at this time for either plan given we are not permitted to pay the players a deferred payment for autographs. 

What happens when I subscribe now?

You will receive a confirmation in your email immediately detailing your upcoming FanBox shipment.

When am I charged?

You are billed immediately upon initial sign up. Then, you are billed annually at the start of the next season which resets every June 15th.

How many Boxes do I get and how often?

The FanBox program comes as an annual subscription, and thus, there are no monthly deliveries. The high value of memorabilia makes it difficult to send authentic memorabilia each month at the affordable pricing that we have set for our members.

Will I receive memorabilia from last season?

No, each season reflects a collection of memorabilia carefully curated from the latest team roster at your school.

What should I do if my team isn’t listed?

We are actively working to add additional teams in the near future so to join the waitlist and be notified when your team launches, simply click here, select your favorite team, and confirm your email. 

Can I purchase a one-time box as a gift?

Yes, but currently, it’s a two-step process. We are working to implement a more simplified gift card program for future seasons. In the meantime, to complete a one-time gift, you will have to order a FanBox membership and cancel your subscription upon receiving your FanBox.

I can’t find out where to submit my promo code, can you help me?

Sure, once you have added a FanBox to your cart and reached the checkout page, the payment box should appear. The "discount code" marking will be highlighted above the total amount where you can insert your code and apply your savings.

Order Info

Is shipping FREE and do you ship internationally?

Yes, we include FREE shipping on every FanBox order (a $20 value). However, at this time, we only take orders within the contiguous USA.

Will my box arrive before Christmas?

While that is a possibility, we do not guarantee that all orders will ship in time for Christmas. However, all “Living Legends” members will have first priority each season on delivery.

How long does it take to ship?

Given the complexities of College Football and Basketball scheduling, we have implemented a shipping dead period between August 1st to November 30th. This allows us to coordinate schedules with athletic departments, coaches and players at each school. Therefore, any subscriber who places a new order during this dead period, will receive their shipment starting December 1st. Given high volumes and delays by 3rd party shippers, we can only guarantee that shipments will arrive by January 30th.

Note, any customer with a new order date after December 15th, will receive their shipment within 2-3 weeks from your date of purchase.

Here are two examples to illustrate:

If you subscribe to FanBox on any date between August 1st to November 30th, i.e. August 23rd, your FanBox will ship on or after December 1st and arrive NO later than January 30th. However, if you subscribe to FanBox between December 1st and July 30th, i.e. February 2nd, your FanBox will ship within 2 weeks of your order date. 

What if you are out of stock?

All existing subs are GUARANTEED a FanBox during their renewal period. However, in the event a new subscriber places an order and receives an out-of-stock notification for their first box, we will auto-update your subscription to reflect a December 15th start date for the following season and you will not be billed for the current season of the FanBox. Your card will be charged initially as a pre-order for next season's box.

When are subscription cut-off dates?

FanBox seasons start over every August 15th.  This allows us to update the team rosters for every school we work with. That means the LAST day to subscribe and receive the current season box is August 14th (pending availability of product).  If we are sold out or any subscriptions start after this date, you will receive the next season’s Fanbox as your first box.

My FanBox hasn’t arrived yet?

For any inquiries as to where your FanBox may be, please contact us via the chat feature or email us at and we will address your questions ASAP.  Please include your order number and/or email when contacting customer service.

What if items are missing / defective?

If an item is defective, damaged, lost, missing, or incorrect, you must communicate this within 14 days of delivery. Contact Customer Support via email at

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns. If you no longer are interested in the product, we recommend gifting it to a loved one or friend, and canceling your subscription to avoid future shipments.

My Account

How do I log into my account

On the FanBox home page, click the Login "icon" in the navigation bar which will allow you to "Create" an account access to your customer portal. Please be sure to enter the email you used at checkout. Once you reach the "Account" screen, simply click on the Manage Subscription link to view your dedicated customer portal. If you do not receive an activation email, check your junk/spam folder or send an email to

How do I update my payment information?

Login to your Account and click the Manage Subscriptions link. Once in the portal, select Upadate Subscription and navigate to the Payment Methods tab at the top. Next, expand the payment method to be adjusted, click edit, and then click send update email on the slider. Go to your email and click the button to update your payment info within Shopify. You will be redirected to an account where you can switch to a digital wallet (if available) or "Change" your card information. If you don’t see the email, please check your Spam. If this doesn’t work, send an email to or reach out to customer support via the chat feature. 

How do I update my shipping address?

Login to your Account. When there, click the Manage Subscriptions link and select, Update Subscription. Once there, click on the Shipping Addresses tab at the top. Next, expand the shipping address to be adjusted, click edit shipping address button and update information as needed. A new address can be added simply by clicking on the Add Shipping Address button. Please ensure the correct shipping address is associated with your subscription within the expanded window, as FanBox is NOT liable for boxes shipped to the wrong location due to incorrect address. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Super easy but we don’t recommend it! But if you’re absolutely sure, simply login to your account. When there, click the Manage Subscriptions link and select, Update Subscription. Once there, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Cancel Subscription. If required provide a cancellation reason and confirm the cancellation by clicking Next. If you have any issues, please email